De Klerk Binnenbouw bv

Success is often based on a modest foundation. In 1873 Hendrik Hubertus de Klerk started manufacturing and selling braided rugs and mats. The small shop in Rotterdam became The Netherlands’ largest department store for interiors and furniture and a leading name in interior design, manufacturing and project implementation.

Over the years, De Klerk created acclaimed interiors for hotels, theatres, offices, churches and universities. In 1971 the company, by then known as De Klerk Binnenbouw, completed the acquisition of Royal Furniture Manufacturer H.P. Mutters & Zoon, famous for the interiors of royal palaces, trains and planes. And ships!

Since 1978, De Klerk Binnenbouw has been a steady supplier for Feadship, making a significant contribution to many custom-built superyachts.

De Klerk Binnenbouw bv
Westbaan 210
2841 MC Moordrecht
T. 0182-624200
W. www.dkb.nl/