CooLoo specializes in the development and production of objects, solutions and finishings based on waste materials and coating technologies. We are a flexible and dynamic company with a solid knowledge base that comes from more than two decades of experience in the interior design market.

We have a large variety of technologies that can be applied to almost every surface of any shape or size. This allow us to create uniquely customized shapes and products for furniture, interiors, exteriors and industrial appliances. With our flexibility and knowledge, we can create nearly anything for your project. Hopefully made from waste!

Ecological in coating
Our goal is to develop and create zero-waste products that suit a circular economy in accordance with the 9 R’s. We work together with fabric recycling companies, leather production and upholstering companies, foam recycling companies and many more in order to find ways of transforming waste materials into high quality products. CooLLeather and CooLCork are two award winning examples of finishings that integrate waste from the leather and cork production industries.

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